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Design Freedom and Options for Custom Cardboard Boxes

When it comes to cardboard packaging, there are two routes you can take. The first is to go with pre-made boxes that are readily available for purchase, or you can opt for custom cardboard boxes. The problem with the former is that they are made to fulfill general requirements. You may not get the style, size, and shape you are looking for. Moreover, the ideas of printing your artwork and desired finishes are out of the window. So, there are many hurdles awaiting anyone who wants to go with ready-made ones.

In contrast, custom cardboard boxes are the ultimate problem solvers. Whatever style, dimensions, shape, design, printing, finish, or other addons you want on the packaging can be implemented. In other words, all the problems you are destined to face with premade boxes can be overcome. For this reason, most retail companies go with custom-designed cardboard boxes instead of plain ones.

One of the most famous product packaging solutions are cardboard boxes. These boxes come in many sizes, shapes, forms, and styles. And the secret to getting the best ones is to have custom cardboard boxes. It is because everything from the size to the shape and printing to the finish is of your choice. Because of these reasons, custom-made cardboard boxes have become a go-to packaging solution for many businesses. To help you get the most out of these boxes, Custom Box Manufacturer gives you all the right tools and years of expertise. So, contact us today to buy the best wholesale cardboard boxes.

Benefits of Custom Printed Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Retail companies invest in customized cardboard boxes mainly because of the unmatched benefits. With custom printed cardboard packaging boxes, a company can earn brand awareness, product credibility, and much more. If you go to a supermarket, you will mainly see products packed in custom packaging solutions instead of old-school plain boxes. Thanks to these benefits, companies are more willing to invest in custom printed cardboard packaging boxes.

Famous Styles of Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes or custom cardboard boxes is a broad term that covers so many styles and types. Every style has its specific characteristics and uses. In the following, you can check these famous styles to get an insight into what style will best suit your needs:

Reverse and Straight Tuck End Boxes

The two most common and famous types of cardboard boxes are reverse tuck end boxes and straight tuck end boxes. The difference between the two is the opening direction of the flaps on both sides. In reverse tuck end boxes, the opening flaps on the two sides open in opposite directions, whereas straight tuck end boxes have flaps facing the same side. Both styles are common for packing small products. So, for cosmetics and other small products, these are some types you can consider for custom cardboard boxes.

Boxes with Lids

There are two major styles of boxes with lids named two-piece boxes and tray and sleeve boxes. Starting with two-piece boxes, these boxes have a separate lid with a storage compartment. A shoebox is an excellent example of this style. Secondly, there are tray and sleeve boxes. This style of boxes has a sliding lid and a storage tray. Thanks to their drawer-like opening and closing, other names for these boxes are slider boxes and drawer boxes. If you select either of these styles for your custom cardboard boxes, you can score the element of presentation and customer experience.

Auto Bottom and Snap Lock Boxes

When it comes to durable types of cardboard packaging boxes, the two best choices are auto-bottom boxes and snap lock boxes. Both styles have sturdy making and bottoms that allow packing heavier products with excellent care. The lid of these boxes has flaps like tuck end boxes, and the bottom is the main differentiating factor. Auto-lock bottom boxes have four interlocking flaps. With snap-lock boxes, there are three. However, as the products get heavier, we shift from auto lock boxes to snap lock boxes. Both are excellent designs of custom-made cardboard boxes for medium-sized products.

All these options for cardboard product boxes are awaiting you at Custom Box Manufacturer. Besides these mentioned choices, you can also go with other types of custom cardboard boxes. Even if you want a completely new design of boxes made from scratch, we can do that as well. Just send us your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

Printing, Finishes, and Addons

The main presentation enhancing customizations for custom cardboard boxes are printing, finish, and various addons. Custom Box Manufacturer offers you the best printing methods, a ton of finishes, and various addons.

For printing your custom printed cardboard boxes, you can opt for digital, offset, and screen printing options. And for surface finishes or laminations, you can choose from common matte and gloss to stamp foiling, spot UV, embossing, debossing, and various others. Lastly, for add-ons, we have inserts, die-cut windows, custom handles, and various others.

Another thing is that we make no compromises with our custom box printing services. For color precision, we offer both Pantone and CMYK printing inks.

Custom Cardboard Boxes with Logos

Branding is an extremely crucial aspect for anyone who wants to get the full benefits of custom-made cardboard boxes. You can add your company’s tagline, logo, signature artwork, and various other attention-grabbing elements. You can get in touch with our design team for complete information on our innovative branding methods. With us, even your customized white cardboard boxes can be transformed into instant customer attraction.

High-quality Cardboard Boxes Wholesale by CBM

Our range of design options, customizations, material quality, and pixel-perfect printing make us one of the best options for buying cardboard boxes wholesale. In addition to excellent packaging products, we offer free detailed design support and shipping. These free services make our prices even more affordable. Contact us today to buy the best cardboard boxes wholesale.

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