Custom Stickers

What are Custom Stickers?

Are you looking for quality custom stickers with all your desired customizations? We offer a broad variety of stickers from business stickers to product labels; inventory maintenance stickers to safety stickers, custom stickers, and all types you can ask for. Apart from the range of products, we offer quality materials with the finest printing options for vivid results. Also, we have many laminations and finishes waiting for you. If all this sticker design mumbo jumbo is new to you, simply contact our design support for all types of help. Contact us today for the best wholesale sticker printing services.

Custom stickers or customized stickers are stickers that are specifically designed to suit a customer’s requirements. So, you are open to many things from having your artwork printed on the products to adding logos. Even what shapes and forms of stickers you want are up to you. No restrictions at all. That’s what we do at Custom Box Manufacturer. We provide the best custom wholesale sticker printing service that delivers quality results every time.

Different Types of Custom Stickers

There are so many different types of stickers you can choose from us. From custom stickers for packaging i.e., label stickers to posters, and safety stickers. They can be embossed stickers, debossed stickers, foiled stickers, simple printed stickers, or stickers with special coatings. Even if you have completely different requirements, we are still here to more than help you.

Label Stickers

The most common type of stickers with high commercial demands are label stickers or simply labels. These stickers can have your company’s logo, artwork, product description, and much more. For any company wanting to sell its products in the market, product labels are a definite need. We offer a complete range of labeling stickers. You can check out our range of label stickers. We offer these retail stickers made with vinyl, paper, and decal material.

Safety Stickers

Safety stickers are the type that is used in factories, worksites, and various other places. These stickers can have safety signs on them, working conditions of equipment, and various other indications. Also, such stickers are made of more durable materials like polyester. You can contact us for all types of custom safety stickers with us.

Custom Embossed Stickers (Embossed, Debossed, and Foiled Stickers)

Custom embossed stickers have a raised surface that makes them special in appearance. Not only do these stickers look different but also feel different on touch. As for what you can emboss, you can emboss anything you want from the company’s name, logo, and anything you want. If you do not want custom embossed stickers, you can also opt for debossed stickers.

Custom debossed stickers have a stamped-down surface. They are the opposite of the former and can have images, texts, logos, monograms, etc. stamped down.

Lastly, there are foil stickers. Your custom foiled stickers can have different types and colors of foil stamped on the sticker surface. Custom Box Manufacturer offers all three types of these special stickers made to fulfill your needs.

Promotional Stickers

As the name suggests, promotional stickers are used for promoting different products, services, or campaigns. No matter what size, shape, artwork, printing method, or finish you want for custom promotional stickers, you can get them from us.

Various Others

There are so many other different types you can choose from as well. For example, to ensure a product is unused, you may go with tamper-proof stickers. Similarly, you may be looking for decorative stickers or car decals. We provide all these different types of stickers custom-made according to your requirements.

Custom Designed Stickers

At Custom Box Manufacturer, we do not believe in limiting our customers. So, if the type you are looking for does not match any of the ones mentioned here, you can still tell us your requirements and leave the rest to us. We will design your custom stickers that satisfy all your preferences.

Our Extended Wholesale Custom Sticker Printing and Designing Services

When compared to most sticker printers, we take a mile further. We provide complete expert design assistance from the start to the end. Our expert design team has a thorough knowledge of sticker designing and is willing to assist you with minor tweaks to complete sticker design help. And the best part is that design assistance is free on all orders. So, do not shy away from availing this amazing service on every order.

Design Options for Custom Stickers

At Custom Box Manufacturer, we neither hold back nor limit the design options. Instead, we offer many choices. It is up to you what you select starting from the materials to the finish. Following are the design options we offer:


With our wholesale custom sticker printing service, you can choose paper, vinyl, and decal. For safety ones, you can opt for more durable polyester and other such special stocks. Lastly, if you have any other material preferences, you can tell us.

Shapes and Sizes

Where custom sticker printing services confine you to standard shapes and sizes, we do things differently. We make every sticker from scratch so whatever custom size and shape you choose are delivered with perfection.

Printing and Finish

The printing and finish of your custom stickers are the main attention-grabbers. We use the latest printing equipment to print vivid artwork and images on your stickers. For color precision, you get to choose from both CMYK and Pantone inks. And to top those colors, we offer many finish options in addition to matte and gloss. So, we have you more than covered in these departments.

Wholesale Custom Stickers to Order

All these different types of stickers along with different design options are available at the Custom Box Manufacturer. All you have to do is to visit us and order custom stickers of your choice.

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